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Everything you need to know about plastic molds

September 21,2021

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In the evolving manufacturing world, plastic is being used to manufacture things from the automotive part to the synthetic portion of the human body. In the world, most plastic molds manufacturer choose to use plastic injection moulding to manufacture critical components for ensuring optimal performance.

We know that every industry works differently as per their need. So there are many other types of plastic molds available to offer to distinguish features and benefits. Application specification determines which kind of plastic injection moulding process is suitable for any specific part.

What is plastic moulding?

So, plastic moulding is the process of pouring liquid plastic into a mold to be hardened to take any customized shape. It can be used for various other kinds of purposes, and the tooling used for injection moulding is known as plastic mold.

Based on the moulding process, plastic molds are categorized in four ways

  • Injection molds
  • Blow mold
  • Casting mold
  • Pressing mold

Injection molds consist of two sections: moving half and fixed half; the moving half is mounted over the moving platen of the injection moulding, while the fixed half is mounted on the stationary platen.

Plastic mold is composed of the following parts.

  • Mold base: it is advised to choose a standard mold base from the reputed company
  • Mold insert is used to manufacture plastic products, and injection molds manufacturer usually make them by themselves only.
  • Mold auxiliary parts: include the location ring, nozzle bushing, ejector plate, guide bushing, guide pin, and others

Classification of injection molds:

Two plate mold:

Two plate mold, also known as sprue gate mold, has a pretty simple mold structure, but sprue is part of the injection molded part, and once it requires removing, it is done manually. Plate mold structure is usually used for various other kinds of molds.

Three plate mold:

Three plate molds are also known as pinpoint molds and double parting line type injection molds. Its characteristic is pinpoint, and the gate cross-section is relatively tiny. Its appearance is quite good and does not require removing the gate manually later. It fully supports automation, but its structure is quite complex, and the cost is higher. It is used for small and medium plastic part manufacturing.

So, if you are looking to buy a plastic mold for your industry, Best Precision Tool is the best place to buy such a product as we are the leading plastic molds manufacturer in the industry.

Points to consider while designing plastic molds:

There is primary four essential concepts that need to consider while designing plastic mold

  • Runner
  • Main runner
  • Sub runner
  • Cold slug
  • Temperature control
  • Venting
  • Ejection

Significant elements of plastic molds:

Plastic molds are made up of different elements from which to select an appropriate design to use. So following are essential for injection molds.

  • Identification of cavity space with the corresponding core
  • Conduit for conveying plastic from the machine nozzle of the machine to the mold cavity, which can choose from either a cold runner or hot runner
  • Natural ventilation
  • A perfectly designed cooling system that allows molded products enable them to be ejected from the cavity
  • Option for ejecting molded includes:
  • Hand removal
  • Strippers
  • Ejection by air
  • Sleeves and other pins for ejector
  • Automatic removal method
  • Attachment of mold with the machine by several methods
  • Molds are limited to one machine.
  • More machines can use molds.
  • Easy mold change flexibility
  • Alignment of cores and cavity and the following methods are being used:
  • No alignment
  • Brass bushing and pins
  • Bushing and leader pin between the ejector plates
  • Tapper locker between cores and individual cavities
  • Molds plate required to support all the above elements

Any certified company uses the best in industry components to manufacture plastic molds; the Best Precision tool is the certified plastic molds manufacturer that manufactures plastic molds under the necessary guideline.

Types of plastic moulding for various purposes:

There are five types of plastic moulding we usually perform to serve various objectives.

Blow moulding:

Blow moulding is the process designed to manufacture high-volume and one-piece hollow objects. It creates uniform products in a very cost-effective. If you are running to make open bottles, the blow moulding process is suitable for you.

Compression moulding:

Compression moulding is suited for creating large objects like auto parts. The superior strength property of the material used in compression moulding makes it inevitable for the automotive industry.

Extrusion moulding:

It is best suited to long hollow-formed applications such as pipe, straw, and tubing. It involved forcing melted plastic via die into perfect shape with a fixed cross-section and provides an efficient way to produce profiles. In this method, plastic is melted from the solid form into liquid and converted into a solid form.

Injection moulding:

Injection moulding is suited to the high volume part production, and the mold-making cost is a little bit higher than other moldings, but the cost per product is relatively low. If you are looking for a plastic mold for injection moulding, the Best Precision Tool is the perfect place to buy it because we are the leading plastic molds manufacturer of plastic molds.

Rotational moulding:

Rotational moulding is best for manufacturing superior, hollow, and single-piece products. It is suitable to manufacture large open containers like tanks, and it is a very economical process than other moulding processes. A small amount of material is wasted if one uses rotation moulding because excess material is reused to make other products. It is pretty economical and environmentally friendly.
So if you are a tank manufacturer and looking for the best plastic molds manufacturer for rotational moulding, connect with Best Precision Tools for the goal-oriented product.

The process to use plastic moulding technology:

If we talk about the process of moulding technology so basically, it is quite a complex process. The first designer needs to design the desired model or hire any third-party designer to create the model as per the requirement; then, only the mold designer comes up with the final design.
Once the desired design is finalized, start manufacturing molds such as drilling, CNC machining, polishing, EDM, and in the very last step make a mold to mold fitting.

Why choose the Best Precision Tool:

Best Precision Tools, a plastic injection moulding organization, has been in business for the past several years by producing high-quality plastic molded components that suit the entire engineering industry. Our service helped us win clients’ trust and enabled us to identify as the best plastic moulding parts manufacturer in the industry.

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