Different types of injection molds and their uses

Different types of injection molds and their uses

May 6,2023

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Using the manufacturing technique known as “injection moulding,” molten material is injected into a mold to produce a desired form or pattern. Numerous industries, including those in the automotive, medical, packaging, and consumer goods, among others, use injection moulding. The mold itself, which is one of the most crucial elements of injection molding and is available in a variety of types to meet various manufacturing requirements. Let us look into many kinds of injection molds produced by injection molds manufacturer and their applications.

Two-Plate Mold

The simplest and most popular injection mold is made of two plates. In order to provide room for the molten material, two plates are clamped together. Usually employed for low- to medium-volume manufacturing runs, the two-plate mold is reasonably inexpensive. The two-plate mold is usually used for low- to medium-volume production runs because it is relatively inexpensive and provides enough room for molten material.

Mold for Three Plates

A third plate, known as the runner plate, distinguishes the three-plate mold from the two-plate mold. The runner plate divides the sprue from the molded portion, making removal simple and cutting down on waste. The three-plate mold produced by injection molds manufacturer is more complicated than the two-plate mold and is often used for high-volume manufacturing runs.

Hot Runner Mold

An injection mold known as a hot runner uses a heating system to maintain the molten material in the runner and gate channels. By doing away with the necessity for a cold runner, which requires material waste to be eliminated after each shot. This decreases waste and enhances cycle time. Although hot runner injection molds cost more than cold runner injection molds, they are highly effective and produce less waste. The decreased waste and enhanced cycle time ultimately lead to reduced production costs.

Cold Runner Mold

The cold runner mold is a conventional injection mold that feeds molten material into the mold cavity using a separate route called the cold runner. The procedure is less effective and more wasteful because the cold runner must be removed after every shot. Cold runner injection molds are ideal for low- to medium-volume production runs, although they are less expensive than hot runner molds.

Insert Mold

Injection molds manufacturer produces injection mold called an insert mold enables the placement of prepared components into the mold cavity. This is helpful when making intricate items that need extra elements like metal pins or threaded inserts. Insert molds often cost more than regular molds. But it is highly praised for its ability to produce more complex parts with great precision. Best Precision is the leading injection molds manufacturer in the market that produces complex parts for various industries with high precision and accuracy. These advantages make insert molding a great solution for creating intricate products with tight tolerances.

Stack Mold

An injection mold called a stack mold enables the simultaneous molding of numerous pieces. The stack mold enables the manufacturing of numerous pieces in a single pass because it comprises several layers of mold cavities that are piled on top of one another. Although stack molds cost more than standard molds, they are more productive and can make more parts per cycle. Because of this, they are ideal for mass production.

Family mold

An injection mold called a “family mold” enables the manufacture of numerous parts in various sizes and shapes all at once. The family mold has many chambers, each of which is intended to generate a separate portion, making it possible to build complex parts more quickly. Family molds cost extra money than regular standard molds. But the main advantage of family mold is that it is very easy to produce multiple parts with different shapes and sizes in a single shot. 

Multi-Shot Mold

A form of injection mold known as a multi-shot mold enables the injection of many materials in a single shot. The many injection units that make up the multi-shot mold can each inject a different material into the mold cavity. Multi-shot molds are more expensive than normal injection molds but are excellent for producing pieces with various colors, textures, or materials. Molds can each inject different materials into the mold cavity, allowing the molding process to produce parts with different colors, textures, and materials in a single shot. This allows injection molds manufacturer to produce multiple parts in a single production run, reducing labor and production costs.

Injection molding is a flexible manufacturing technique that needs many mold types to accommodate various manufacturing requirements. The proper mold must be used in order to produce parts of the highest quality and with the least amount of defects. Best Precision: The best plastic molds manufacturer in India uses different types of injection molds for different purposes and gives a precise outcome. Each mold has advantages and disadvantages. After learning about the different types of injection molds, the next step is to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This will help to choose the best manufacturer that uses different types of mold for your job.

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